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Please avoid wearing your item in the rain. Getting your item wet may significantly affect its shape and quality.


Keep hat/headpiece in a cool, dry area.

Store away from direct sunlight as this will affect colour over time and may fade the hat.


Please use the hat box and tissue provided. Use layers of tissue underneath to support the shape and surround hat/headpiece with extra layers of tissue paper to protect its sides. Please keep item upright in box unless otherwise stated. Support the shape by filling out any empty space with tissue paper, e.g. the crown.


Most hats/headpieces have an elastic which sits behind the ears and will provide you with extra security when on the head.


Some hats/headpieces have clear plastic combs and appear invisible when on the head.

Headpieces are generally worn on the right hand side of the head unless otherwise stated.


Hats/Headpieces that attach with a comb and/or elastic:

Facing a mirror, lay the hat/headpiece against your head to see where it will be placed. 

Pop the elastic on - it sits behind the ears. Position thumbs under both sides of the comb. Slide comb a little towards the back of the head in a diagonal direction catching some hair as you go along. (You will need to do some trial and error on how far you need to go as each style varies) then release thumbs and using your fingers, push the comb gently but firmly down into the hair sliding the comb forward towards the hairline. You will need to repeat this a few times until you are comfortable with this process.


The average ladies head fitting is 22.5 inches, but many hats can be made to fit your head size. 

Please see below for measuring your head size and contact us with this information via the contact form when placing an order.

The head fitting of the hats on this site are listed in the product description.


Place a soft tape measure around the circumference of your head, just above your ears and coming about half way down your forehead, keeping the tape parallel to the floor. Do not pull the tape to tight or too loose, it should feel comfortable. This position is where the hat should sit. 


If you have bought a piece from Joanne Edwards Millinery and need advice of any kind then please feel free to contact us by phone, email or via the contact form. We will endeavour to assist with your questions.