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August 3, 2017

Headwear for Sassoon Academy

This Summer saw the start of a new project with Sassoon Academy, creating headpieces worn for the Sassoon presentation during the NATVA (North American Trend Vision Awards 2017).

I was delighted to work with the Sassoon team again and with the inspiring vision of Creative Director Mark Hayes, we got to work on the creation of two unique and challenging headpieces!

A striking Yellow headpiece with dramatic angles shaped around the face (referencing classic Vidal Sassoon hairstyling) was worn with a stunning matching outfit from Moonstyle (see below).

I also created a metallic mask which drew inspiration from Naum Gabo’s sculptures of the face and Picasso’s tribal paintings.

Here are some images of the ”making” behind both headpieces alongside the NATVA show! Video link below).
                                                     1 – Yellow Sassoon headpiece

                                                                      Dress by Moonstyle

                                                Blocking the base layers with sinamay

                                                 Smoothing over sinamay with Tarlantan

                                                   Lining being fitted for the headpiece

                                                        Covering base with Yellow jersey

                                          2 – Metallic Silver Surrealism inspired Mask  

Creating the under mask using varafoam

Binding the raw edge of buckram (millinery material)

                                Building up for the form with layers with blocked Buckram

                 Silver Mask created for Sassoon Academy/NATVA show (Images: Wella Education)

You can catch the show here: (The Sassoon presentation begins at 1: 08:30, lights on at 1:09:30)! North American Trend Awards 2017

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Happy Friday everyone!

Joanne x

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