Free Complimentary shipping on all orders over €190

Free Complimentary shipping on all orders over €190

August 10, 2017

In the studio this week: remaking NEW hats for Sale & Hire!

I am totally overwhelmed with pride every time someone chooses to buy or hire one of my hats.

There is nothing I LOVE more than sending off one of my pretty striped hat boxes to a new home. Knowing my design is being worn, enjoyed and loved by a new owner makes me very VERY happy!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been replacing hats which have recently sold out to re-build the collection with brand new stock.

As a maker It’s really great to get back to the actual ”making”, popping on my thimble and creating new headwear for you ladies!

Here’s a selection of photos from the past few weeks and remember, we also have a selection of hats available for Hire – take a look online at Joanne Edwards Millinery.

                                Dyeing up new Neon coloured feathers for Feather Disc

Pinning & positioning Ostrich Quills on the Coco headpiece

Pinning a bias strip of silk on a covered wire hairband for the Flower & Twists Hat            

                                           Stitching little flowers onto the Valentina comb!

                    Sewing a comb into the Charlotte cocktail hat so it’s nicely secure once in the hair

                           A handmade wire hairband which is being covered with tulle

                                     Veil pinned and ready to stitch to the Dior cocktail hat

   Ta-Dah!!! One of our hats leaving the studio for it’s new owner (hooray!)

Keep an eye out for more behind-the-scenes with Joanne Edwards Millinery & for the latest news, be sure to say hello:

Ps. (Thank You to everyone who has hired or bought a little Joanne Edwards Millinery already this Summer! I am forever grateful)

Joanne x

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