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June 24, 2017

Ladies Day at Royal Ascot – take a sneak peak!

I was thrilled to pop along to Royal Ascot on Thursday this week. The hats and fabulous fashion on Ladies day were absolutely spectacular and did not disappoint! Prom dresses stole the show and bold, oversized floral prints were everywhere together with beautiful lace dresses.

The range of hats and headpieces on display at Royal Ascot was both vast and varied! The floral theme continued into hats and once again floral trimmings were key. We spotted quite a few giant Rose style headpieces in the crowd, love them (or not) they stood out for those seeking to be noticed. 

Feathers were a firm favourite on many hats again this year and have re-emerged more colourful, elaborate and playful in their use. Elements of lace incorporated within the hat design, and also used as a trimming was also popular.

                                               Credit: Getty Images / Milliner: Unknown

Classic wide brim hats in simple easy to wear colours: Black, Cream, White and Navy were seen on many women, perfect for those who wish to wear a more subtle design. 

Coolie style hats marked their appearance again (think lampshade in shape). These looked incredibly chic and featured with both narrow and wider width brims. Downward shaped brims and saucer style hats topped with a short square or rounded crown also looked stylish on their wearers.


                                                Credit: Getty Images / Milliner: Unknown

”Hatinators” were everywhere and seen in a range of colours and fabrications, Black & White, Red, Pinks and Yellow to Cream and Navy. This disc shape held in place by a hairband and worn asymmetrically was brought up to date with surface interest, using spotted or pleated crin (a sheer mesh like material). Many styles were more sculptural in form this year.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of our gorgeous clients attending Royal Ascot this week wearing Joanne Edwards Millinery.

      Laura wearing the ‘June’ sinamay disc hat in Green/Ivory

                     Deborah wearing the Joanne Edwards Millinery Black & White Floral Disc

                                 Deborah and Leon looking fab on arrival at Royal Ascot

(Me centred!) Wearing the Metallic Disc with a Yellow and Grey floral print dress

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Wishing you all a great weekend!

Joanne xx

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