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October 26, 2019

Vidal Sassoon, Salon Live – Abstrakt 2019

This Summer I was delighted to be back working with Sassoon’s creative team. This incredibly exciting project involved creating a range of Avant-Garde headwear for the Salon Live show ”Abstrakt”. This was held at Excel London in early October and celebrated Sassoon’s 65 years at the forefront of Hair Education. 

My role as Millinery Designer was to translate the inventive imagination of International Creative Director Mark Hayes, and produce a range of distinctive handcrafted headpieces.  

                                              INSPIRATION & RESEARCH  

Classic Asymmetry and Geometry, integral to Sassoon and it’s iconic hairstyles, inspired architectural forms and shapes which would accentuate the hair and face…

                                       The Five pointed geometric style worn by Nancy Kwon.

Themes across architecture and the Bauhaus Design movement also inspired ideas for form.

                                                             Olafur Eliasson, Tate Modern 2019

                                      SAMPLING, TRIALS AND TESTS

Expansive sourcing, testing of materials and developing new techniques were necessary to explore design ideas.

                                                    1st samples of stainless steel triangles

                                                                       Testing how to make clean joins 

Testing various screws, tools and components.

Prototype building.

Trialing hi-shine fabrics including PVC and Latex.

                                             MAKING OF FINAL SAMPLES

New materials and methods of making were required for the chosen designs, as well as working with specialised suppliers. 

Laser cut Perspex Acrylic cut by Swordfish Works

    Soft Soldering Stainless Steel.

Perspex Acrylic cut by Sketch

Testing Perspex Acrylic slotting systems.

   (A few of the) Final Samples Below
   Photography: Atelier Sturgess 

                                                        Panelled Hi-Shine fitted headpiece

                                            Stainless Steel Iridescent Perspex Headpiece

    5 Tier  Neon Perspex Headpiece with Hex Screw panel adjustments

                                                                        Photography: Phillip Matthew

Salon Live’s-Abstrakt, October 2019
To watch the video of the live show click on the above or take a look on my Instagram page.

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Joanne x

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