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July 19, 2017

Wedding Part 1 – Mother of the Bride Hat Wearing Tips

I meet so many mothers of the bride (and groom) and indeed have made many hats for this very special and unique occasion. Today I wanted to share some of my hat wearing tips so  really hope you find these useful for your upcoming daughter’s (our son’s) wedding!

1.Plan early:

Whether you decide to find something from the high street or choose to have bespoke created for you by a Milliner, give yourself plenty of time. Bring your outfit along to try on with the hats at least 3 months before the Wedding.Take photos and bring a friend or family member who will give you their honest opinion!

Going Bespoke

So you’ve decided you want a unique Hat or Headpiece created for you that will expertly compliment you and your outfit. Your Milliner will try a variety of styles on you, so enjoy this process (as often it will be a style or shape you least expect that looks fantastic on you and believe me hats look very different perched on a hat stand to when they are on the head!). It’s so important to try a variety of style/angles and sizes on.

Enjoy the creative journey whereby design, colours and materials are selected to compliment you and your outfit and remember the milliners job is creating the perfect bespoke hat which you both look and feel fantastic wearing on the day.

Choose a style that compliments you in every way:

Look carefully at the overall silhouette of your outfit in front of a full length mirror. Take into account your frame, height, face shape and complexion:

Think about which clothing colours suit you and which you normally stay away from. Hold colours to your face and see how your complexion looks against them. Fairer complexions will struggle to carry off brights like Yellow or Orange (which enhance and look beautiful against darker olive skin tones). Paler skin tones will often suit pastel shades and neutrals.

   Classic hat style Anna with handmade pleated trim

                     Summer Straw Hat  in Neutral and peach perfect for paler skin tones.

A petite frame can be drowned by a wide brimmed hat which often flatters a taller frame with a strong shoulder line. If you are petite and want to add height, look for a style that elongates you. A disc with trims which draw the eye upwards, create the illusion of height.

                               Peonies hat perfect for adding height to a smaller frame

Face shape:
You want to find a shape which softens and balances out strong features, alongside discovering the best size and proportion of hat for your face shape and frame.

Typically, an oval or heart shaped face can carry off many different styles. A square jawline is best offset by an asymmetric style, like an angled saucer style hat which cuts across the face. 

If you have a round face then try long angled discs and styles which incorporate trimmings rising upwards away from the hat.

                         Roses disc with quill The wide brim will help balance out a taller frame 
                         with a strong shoulder line

                      Upturned Flower & Arrowhead Quill Hat  perfect for adding height!

The hat or headpiece should enhance your outfit and make you feel extra special as the mother of the bride, especially when you look back at photos in years to come. 

Practicalities of the day
Bare in mind you may need to greet many guests on the day so don’t want to feel obstructed by your hat. Make sure the hat is sitting in the correct position as it has been designed to do so and also that it feels very secure on, so you don’t need to adjust it throughout the day. (Have a photo of the correct position you can refer to on the day). 

To match or not?
Take your time to play around with this and look for balance in the overall outfit from head to toe. From a design point of view, remember a more extravagant hat will balance nicely with a simple dress and vice versa.

Try contrasting a boldly coloured outfit with complimentary shades or with a neutral hat base and matching colours in the trimming.

If you’re wearing a print with many colours, select shades within the print as your starting point. Think about using texture and embellishment in your clutch or shoes when building your outfit and opt for neutral shoes if you have a lot of strong colours in both your hat and outfit.

Hair do’s
This very much depends on how you prefer to wear your hair during special occasions,  what you feel comfortable with and what looks best with the hat/neckline of the outfit.

If you have short hair above the shoulders, such as a long bob, this can look great with a hat or headpiece. An up do looks elegant, clean and removes fussiness especially if theres a lot going on with the hat and if you’re wearing an outfit with a collar or dress with a higher neckline.

Enjoy the day!
This is of course the most important thing – wishing you a fabulous day!

To see all of our hats, I’d love you to visit our online shop: Joanne Edwards Millinery

Joanne x

Ps. If you’d like to keep in touch, then you can visit us at:

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